Word Con 4 — Part II

Word Con 4 had a lot to offer, this semester. There were guests from publishing houses and literary magazines, plus lectures from our own lecturers. These posts detail one part of Word Con 4, and this is part two.

On the second day at Word Con 4, Brad Webb did an interview with Chester Eagle. He is an author, and has been writing for many years.

I hadn’t read any of his books, though I did take home two of the small magazines that he prints himself, as I am sure to find their content interesting to read.

However, it was his connection to music that I most admired. He mentioned Percy Grainger, and from that point I had Molly on the Shore stuck in my head. His enthusiasm for Australian writing, whether it be music or books, was astounding.

He also spoke about the freedom of text online. His self publishing venture has been predominantly online. Chester loves the freedom of online publishing, the way the words are out there for anyone in any situation to read. And as long as you’ve got an internet and technology connection, any book out there is yours to read.

Chester even puts his own books up on his website, TrojanPress.com.au for free download. Some have even been translated into Chinese, for his massive audience over in China.

His love for music and freedom of the word are what I found most inspiring about Brad’s talk with Chester Eagle. And the pouring of tea before they began made the show even more endearing.


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