Word Con 3 – Robyn Doreian

Robyn conducted an interview for her session with Andrew Mast. Mast is the group managing editor for The Music in Melbourne.

These are my notes and thoughts during the session.

Andrew Mast spoke a lot about how The Music is moving towards longer form journalism. He was saying that the website for The Music is receiving many more hits on the longer, more details pieces.

People may want deep, long pieces because they can’t get it elsewhere. From the new generation, there should be new kids starting quarterly.

Zines are completely independent but have the opportunity of creating more sales.

Entry level into The Music’s team is through writing ‘live reviews’. This is not paid writing. You only get paid for features. From the feedback, you can get tips on the writing, which is a great way to patch holes and errors within your work and figure out why something did not get published or why something did.

You can also apply for internships. Mast said that they hire a lot of people from their internships. Although, ‘a lot’ is relative considering that The Music is a small publication.

10 people in Sydney

1 person in Perth

2 people in Brisbane – Fortnightly magazine

12 people in Melbourne (full time) – Weekly magazine

They are real writers, writing real stories.


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