Word Con 3 – Andrew MacRae

This is a compilation of the notes taken during Andrew’s session and my own thoughts on the session.

The Freelance Life

The knowledge economy – emotional labour that makes a connection – meeting someone else’s needs.

Cognitive bias/mental traps:

  • Survivorship bias > do not focus on the exceptions, pay attention to failures rather than successes
  • Imposter syndrome is an inability to understand competence (I love that statement. It works both ways for people who cannot understand their incompetence and for those who underestimate their ability).

The fear will never go away. Expect it. Fail more, and fail harder. After all, it is hard to succeed if you don’t know what doesn’t work.

Andrew also talked about looking at the failures. If you only focus on the good things, then you leave yourself and your work open to destruction, but if you patch up the mistakes, then you end up with a piece of work that is indestructible.

You need to find a niche, and you can expand your clientele by just checking in with who you know.

Build a folio of things that expand on what you love. Andrew has a more secure workforce where Robyn is constantly pitching to editors. Work tends to pop up in Andrew’s field. Robyn works about 70% of the weekends (I very much love my weekends, so that’s a good idea for me to know what line of work not to go into: freelance journalism).

Don’t miss deadlines, say ‘no’ when asked to go out. Robyn and Andrew both stressed how important it is to meet deadlines.

I did enjoy this session. I really like the part about focussing on the weaknesses to make everything stronger overall. I do tend to focus on the good things, which would then make the mistakes more obvious.


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