Word Con 2 Day 2 Part 2

Hi everyone, so like last time I had word con, I will be posting a blog post for each of my teachers to have a look at and comment on. Please expect to see this message at the beginning of each blog post.


Finally, this is the last session and it was with Adam so I am just going to write out some of the stuff that I wrote for his session.

Write 1-2 paragraphs imagining yourself in darkness and describing the objects around you that you can’t quite see.

Your eyes open and you almost expect light. There is no light except that of the phone charger in the corner. It’s a red light that never seems to switch itself off, even when there is no phone plugged in. Stupid thing.

Your eyes are open and there is only the small red light. You think that perhaps this is your room, but you can’t quite remember where you went to sleep so perhaps this is not your room. The carpet appears red around the light and yours is blue but the red from the charger might be disrupting the colours.

You close your eyes again and count to fifteen. When your eyelids hit skin, lashes up and about your brow bone, you can look out at the room. Your eyes have adjusted, but the utter darkness and that one red speck is still not as illuminating as you had hoped.

You can see the light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Well, you can’t really see it, but the black is shaped much like you know a light bulb to be shaped. And you can feel the string brushing against your forehead if you really concentrate. You thought it was dust before, so light and flittering across your skin, but now it makes more sense as a string for the lamp.

And so, this is not your room. For your light is in the wall and not hanging from the ceiling. Which means, this is someone else’s room, and this is someone else’s bed.

You try to lift your head from the bed, but you cannot. Moving your head too much triggers lightning behind your eyes, and that might be helpful in a room so dark but it’s not worth the pain. You must have been very drunk.

You flick your eyes a little to the left, and then you grit your teeth as the pain shoots through. There is a window in the room. You can tell because of the slight change in colour from the darkness of the room to the darkness of the world outside. You wonder where the curtains must be.

The darkness outside is only slightly lighter than the darkness within the room and it only shows the surrounding wall. Thus, you can almost make out shelves under the window. And the ticking of a clock coming from that direction would indicate that the square lump sitting on the top shelf, is, indeed, a clock.

But now you’ve focused on the clock and your brain is swearing at you to stop the ticking but you can’t get up and this isn’t your room and you cannot speak to ask if someone’s there to help because the alcohol must have burnt your throat dry.


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