Word Con 2 Day 2 Part 1

Hi everyone, so like last time I had word con, I will be posting a blog post for each of my teachers to have a look at and comment on. Please expect to see this message at the beginning of each blog post.

There were definitely a lot of tips and tricks in Rob’s presentation on money making in copywriting. And I will definitely be sending the role opening notes at work for a copywriter when they get them all set up. But that’s something for work to figure out.

Anyway, even though the presentation did seem to be focussed on how to handle the shitty parts of money making in copywriting, Rob did reiterate that there are many positives to the job. As someone who sends invoices for the band I kind of manage, I found that it was very helpful just to have that extra info on how I can make my communication with clients better. Especially when it comes to invoices. I haven’t been calling people after I send the invoice but that is definitely something that I will start doing.

I also like the idea of keeping all the correspondence. And whilst I am not in the habit of deleting emails or throwing out paper documents, I have started some new folders in my inbox for managing the various activities that I do for the band and for work.

I always strive to be professional in my manner at work and with the band but that reiteration that it is incredibly important to job life as well as everyday life was nice. It feels good to know that you are doing the right thing.

And finally, I would like to mention that opportunity cost is not something that I was aware of but it makes complete sense and I will definitely be using it as a method of calculating how much the band/I am owed.


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