Word Con 2 Day 1 Part 1

Hi everyone, so like last time I had word con, I will be posting a blog post for each of my teachers to have a look at and comment on. Please expect to see this message at the beginning of each blog post.

The first lecture was in the form of an interview with my lecturer Robyn and a comic book artist. I think what I found most interesting about this artist is that he is (by day) an architect. I feel that his architecture background really adds an element of the realistic to his work, especially when it comes to the buildings.

I love the way that Robyn asks questions. She seems to really get into the interview and I know that she does it for a living, but being able to watch her conduct this interview really showed us what she does. I feel like her questions were appropriate and definitely helped to show us, the audience, everything that we needed to know about Simon.

I really am not a comic book reader, and I think this comes from the fact that I am a terrible drawer myself, and I know that this stems from me not putting any effort in when I was young. I tend to like to read up on all the law and timelines of my favourite comic characters rather than read the actual artwork.

However, I did agree with Simon when he said that our entire comic book culture in Australia is saturated with American comics. This is like with everything that we do when it comes to media, everything is American central.

But, I do like the idea of having a comic book set in Bendigo because that is a very Aussie town and the characters, from what I’ve seen, feel like very Aussie characters.


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I'm studying a bachelors of writing and publishing and this is a blog about various things I read and write.
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