Word Con 1

This is the 1st in a group of four posts that I am going to make about the word con event that I attended at my university.


This post is about Gary’s part in word con 1.

Gary is a poet, and coincidentally one of my teachers (for writing short fiction).

His event at word con was about poetry, and he began by defining iambic pentameter. Now, I’ve always thought of iambic pentameter and any kind of iambic wording as a heartbeat. You have one unstressed, and then one stressed.

Gary did not use this definition, but he has studied poetry a lot more than I have so he probably knows what he is talking about.

He asked us to write our own sonnet and this is what I came up with:


She sleeps so still under the willow tree

Her tears so soft they run like frightened dogs

No cash no home she only has her togs

She floats face down below the raging sea

It started maybe with her mother’s cry

A shriek a wail a slap against her skin

How does this pain come from her next of kin

The willow sways with wind come from the sky

She ran quite fast far from that stony home

The rockwork loomed and up she moved and stopped

She looked below and felt her stomach drop

The waves embraced her frame and broke her bones

They pick her up out of the deathly grip

And cold and blue no air will pass her lip


You should be able to feel the heartbeats within this phrasing so that it reads in iambic pentameter.


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I'm studying a bachelors of writing and publishing and this is a blog about various things I read and write.
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