Word Con 1

This is the 4th in a group of four posts that I am going to make about the word con event that I attended at my university.

Finally, in my last post about word con 1, I am going to talk about Rob’s hour.

He spoke of copywriting, and when I went home to my family and I spoke to them about Rob’s hour, I had to explain copywriting so many times. It’s actually an incredibly hard thing to do because both copyright and copywrite sound the same when spoken. This led to an incredibly confused mother and an incredibly frustrated Evy.

However, the actual presentation was quite interesting. I was probably one of the few in the room who don’t actually want to be a writer. I want to go down the other route the course provides and get into publishing rather than writing. Even so, Rob’s powerpoint on copywriting was incredibly eye opening and is definitely something that I might look into.

The fun part came around when Rob got us to write our own copywrite for a product. The Perraz pen. I attempted to make mine sexual (a very bad idea for me, the least sexual person around) because I was under the impression that sex sells. And sometimes it does.

But this time the most entertaining way of selling this pen came from some guy that I didn’t know, but had a quite impressive way of marketing this pen. He spoke about how the company could say anything about the pen, because it doesn’t matter what is said, it’s the price. The Perraz pen is a statement.

He won the mini competition. And he deserved it too. I would buy that pen, if I wasn’t a broke uni student.

Anyway, I think Rob really opened the eyes of the group to copywriting as a way to supplement published or non-published writing income.


About evy

I'm studying a bachelors of writing and publishing and this is a blog about various things I read and write.
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