Word Con 1

This is the 3rd in a group of four posts that I am going to make about the word con event that I attended at my university.

This one is about Robyn’s part in Word Con 1.

Now, it’s probably no secret to those who know me that Robyn’s class is one of my favourites. This is because she just has such a passion for journalism and she always has such interesting stories to tell.

And so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I found Robyn and Edwina’s hour incredibly entertaining.

I was enraptured by the way that Edwina was so impassioned about her book and how it came to be and the journey that she had to make to get the truth.

And Robyn’s stories of sexism and the struggles of interviewing large men that think the world owes them everything and that women are only there to fuck them.

Well, there’s a reason that Robyn and Edwina were so entertaining. And that reason is because once they tell you something, you can see yourself believing it. Half of the explanation for that is because there is no logical reason as to why they would lie about it something. So you have to believe them, because otherwise you’re the idiot.

And so, I sat, completely zoned in to what they were saying. I didn’t want their hour to end because it meant that I would have to wait another week to listen to Robyn speak so passionately about something that means so much to her.

Robyn and Edwina should be proud of the journeys they have made, because their part in word con was incredibly insightful and interesting.


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