Workshop Critique

The story that I posted last week was workshopped in class today.

I know that my teachers will be looking at this later on in the semester but for now I just want to express how nervous I was about it.

The story, you can read it below, is basically about me. Just in a different order.

I heard the voices before I found the word for asexuality yet Dana finds it easier to talk about her sexuality before her mental illness. I have and I think I always will find it easier to talk about my mental illness before my sexuality. But that’s because in the world that we live in, here in Australia, mental illness is much more discussed and accepted as real than asexuality.

One of the aims of my story was to flip that. I wanted to bring asexuality to the forefront of the conversation and make the psychosis part of the background because that’s not at all how I experienced things.

Anyway, my class had some good ideas but I think this story is too big for a short story class.


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I'm studying a bachelors of writing and publishing and this is a blog about various things I read and write.
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