Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer

The task was: “Choose a book that has had a profound influence upon you. Discuss the book, its themes and narrative, and how it has impacted upon your life.”


I first read Artemis Fowl and the rest of the series when I was in primary school, but it wasn’t until grade six that I decided that I would read the series every year. It was the Artemis Fowl series and re-reading that series that really got me interested in my own stories and writing my own things.


The book itself is really interesting because it deals with a missing father and a mentally unstable mother and Artemis deals with his own problems. The addition of magical folk living underground opened my eyes to the world of magic and the mix between magic and real-life problems.


The narrative is quite simple, in that it is a book designed for children, but the ideas behind it are more complex. The series deals with death and lost hope but also heroism and technology. Colfer captures the complexities of life in the way that the series begins with Artemis as a young person, not yet 13, and then moves with him as he gets older.


As the series moves on and Colfer’s readership gets older, he begins to explore time travel and introduces more sinister plot lines and complexities. This really helped me develop as a writer because I grew up with each book and so I felt like I was living through Colfer’s development as a writer.


Now, at 18, I still read the series every year and I find more joy in it each time that I do. Artemis Fowl has been a major part of my young adult life and I have gained quite a lot from reading about him and his adventures with the various magical folk living under the surface.


My Mum first got me hooked to the series by describing it as ‘fairies with guns’ and that’s exactly what it is.


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